Pig Ear Pandemonium

Our vet clinic has security cameras. They’re a sensible precaution, especially when one has to return to the vet clinic, alone, at night, to check on a patient.

Sometimes it’s dark and raining, and you don’t really want to let a dog outside into the exercise yard as it’s far too cold and they’re only going to get soaked. So I will often let canine patients out of their cage for a wander and to stretch their legs while I get their food and medication ready. It’s generally not a problem, even without a lead most of them stick to me like glue because I have the food.

But this wouldn’t be much of a story if that’s what always happens.

One night, in the middle of a storm, one Greyhound decided to wander off through the clinic. Sure, the clinic’s locked, and I had my hands full, so I called out to her to come back while I finished getting her food.

Only she didn’t come back.

Okay, so maybe I did something kind of foolish. That’s okay, I could recover. I could be smart and look for the dog on the security cameras.

You ever played or watched Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Yeah, it was kind of like that.

Scouring the screens to try to figure out where this black, slinky dog was trotting off to, catching a glimpse of a back of tail as it happily trotted through the clinic despite the storm, from one room to another just to see where she was going.

I decided at this point I had watched too much Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Only to watch her coming back this way.

Which was weird, but okay.

So I figure out she’s coming back and find her in the kennel room, sweetly putting herself back into her bed and curling up around an object.

She’d navigated the clinic to steal a pig’s ear from the tub out the front, and sneaked back to bed before she was ‘noticed.’ Sweet thing had curled up around it looking guilty, hoping I wouldn’t notice.

So of course I let her have it. Who wouldn’t? Who was going to know in the morning, right?

Only she didn’t eat it.

The pig’s ear was still in her cage in the morning. Best we could tell was that she just wanted to have it, not eat it.

Which for a dog that took herself on an adventure through the clinic to acquire her pig’s ear in the first place, I have to say was quite unexpected.