Whoopsie Whelping

On call, after work, (again).

Just as I was putting my dinner in the oven at around 8:30pm one evening, an anxious woman phoned in.

Her bitch was in labor, and had already had 6 pups on her own, but it had been two hours since the last puppy and she looked like she was struggling. 

She couldn’t really afford the cost of a caesarian (honestly folks if you are going to breed your dog, make sure you can afford a caesarian), but I told her to come in anyway, because you can’t really wait on this sort of thing.

I arrived at the clinic first, which seemed a bit odd. When the owner finally arrived she confessed that the bitch had passed another pup in the car on the drive up. 

I X-rayed her, and she was empty.

The owner was terribly embarrassed that she had called me out for a dog who, as it happened, didn’t need veterinary attention at all, just a quick trip in the car. But she did let me take a photo.