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Hello everyone! My name is Dr Ferox, I'm an Australian veterinarian and this is going to be my new home on the internet.

Everything is currently under construction, and I'm excited to move to my own domain name where I can have more control over my content. Expect lots of updates soon.

I intend to keep writing on various veterinary topics, as well as speculative/fantasy biology, creating youtube videos and of course answering your questions.


Veterinary Stories

I'm no James Herriot, but I still tell stories about the thing that happen in my veterinary career: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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The Vet Life

I talk about what it's really been like working as a veterinarian in Australia. We warned, it's not all cute and fuzzy.

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Fantasy Biology

Okay, sometimes it's just fun to let your hair down and apply real science to fictional species and ideas.

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